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The Full Story

About Us

A lil bit of has been around for about 5 years and its founders started out as lets just do this as a hobby thing. Nadine and her daughter Naomi started out this great adventure and went to the many craft shows that were out there to get out and sell soaps, candles, rice hot and cold packs, and jewelry and other great ideas. 

As things progressed Naomi backed away a little bit and started some other adventures. She still dabbles in helping out mom. 

Nadine decided to continue making the items and instead of doing so many shows found a place that she could become a vendor and it took off and her products are famous. Well not famous but the name is out there.

In the process of still becoming famous, Nadine's long time friend Tanya was bored and followed her to one of her shows and was hooked and became part of the team. If you see a new items- it is probably Tanya's doing and Nadine just goes along with it with a shake of her head.

They travel all over together and make quite a pair. Nadine will stay in the background while Tanya and her personality are getting people to try our products.




Truly our mission statement is for our customers to enjoy our products without worrying about what they are putting on their bodies with our soaps and enjoying our other products and coming back to us again especially to support local businesses.



Our vision eventually is to continue to have our products available to our customers via in person, online and to enjoy them. It would be great if we could get a store front just to be able to have our customers visit us. 

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