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Welcome to A lil bit of..

Many many items are added each month and we can't wait to bring more to you.

Thank you very much for being part of our adventure and your support. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be where we are today.

As always- if you can't find a scent let us know as if we research it a little bit for you we can probably get it.

As our products are made by order- it sometimes takes a few days to get everything ready so please be patient. We try our best to make those items that you need but it could take up to 14 business days. Sometimes when a product is made, I don't care for the scent if its burned or if its used as a soap. If i don't like it- then I will not send it to and will have to find another place to get the scent that I am looking for. So please be patient.

A lil bit of... other favorites bath products

Did you not find your favorite scent?

Its probably here as we didn't know what catergory to put it in so click the button to see what is available

A lil bit of.... Summer and Carnival- candles or melts

A lil bit of... Drinks candles or melts

As great as our scents are and you may want to taste them ( which we highly DO NOT recommend- we do have a warning on our stickers) we have some other ways that you can enjoy them with our great drink scents also. They don't just come in our normal tins or jars but we also have novelty candles that you can order.

Take a look at what you can order

A lil bit of..Sweet delicious and yummy scents

what better way of walking into someone's house and find out they are baking something great and those mouth watering smells make you want to take a bite.

Well we have those scents for you so that you can have them year round without the mess and the cooking - unless you want to of course but we hope you share with us.

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