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A lil bit of....

Thanks for visiting A lil bit of.. As you can see we are changing - again- our website to be able to make it a bit more user friendly but it will take just a litttle bit of time to put the great ideas into perspective on our site. 

Please head over to our online store tab and you can see what we have available for you. 

We will be at the Eastern Hills Mall starting Black Friday and all the way up to Christmas for your shopping needs. We are across from the DMV so if you come in the Duff's entrance you won't miss us. 

We will also be at the AKRON School PTA show on Saturday December 10th from 10am-4pm so come on out and support a great school. 

As always if you can not find a scent please let us know. 

Gift baskets will be coming soon so keep an eye out for pictures. 

PS- we have Bayberry 

Thanks all for the support

Nadine and Tanya


Hi All

Welcome to A lil bit of.....

For those who have been here before you will see some changes. I have officially retired from massage and I want to thank for those who have followed me from each of my different locations. It was time as my mind was saying yes keep going but my body had other plans. 

So I ha decided to turn over the website to my next passion of soaps and candles and a lil bit of... everything else. 

For those who have never been here before- WELCOME. I am so glad that you dropped by. 

We are in the middle of revamping but once its done you will love the site. 

So please  see what we have so far and if you have any questions please contact me. 

Thanks again

Have a great day..


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