New adventure

Hi everyone- Well its another adventure and its going forward.

For those who don't know I have teamed up with a good friend Ms Kelly Wahl at her place which is located at 3083 William Street Suite 2 in Cheektowaga NY. It is convenient to the thruway and off Union Road area.

I will still be offering the same services of Swedish massage, medical massage and Sports Therapy massage.

I will also be having a small store front at the office for our soaps, candles and aromatherapy jewelry so if you don't get me at the craft shows you can still get some of our great products in house.

My website is a bit new also so please feel free to glance through it and let me know what you think.

Since I have been doing massage for quite some time- 9 years to be exact- I haven't increase my prices at all and its time to do that. My website will give you the breakdown of those prices.

I am hope you will enjoy my new place as much as I will. things are coming together and I will be posting pictures real soon.

The schedule is up to date and you can schedule that massage that you have been waiting for.

thanks everyone

have a great day

Just remember you are the person that you are because you know what you want and don't want.

Don't be afraid to take that leap to get what you want and where you want.

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