Merry Christmas to all

Feliz Navidad, Happy Hanukkah, Joyeux Noel, Buon Natale! and Merry Christmas.

December is upon us and reflection is always part of what we have been given, taken away and what is in store for us.

Being a business owner and I am sure that any of my colleagues can agree with this.

We put everything into our business which includes:

Time- not just being at the office but from our families because we don't have a 9-5 job- we are working from home or on the road.

Love- we do this because we love it. When you love something you put everything into it and share it with others so they can enjoy it also.

Cost- when someone asks why do we charge so much for something that isn't a need and is a luxury? My answer to this is: Because I am worth what I do in my profession. Those clients who see me aren't here for a FOO FOO massage they are here because something is wrong with them and they are tired of the old conventional ways- pills is the biggest one. They just want to feel pain free or being able to just live their life with some relief.

Another one: I can't afford it so can I get a deal because what you really do isn't needed- My answer to that:

Why do you get your nails done every other week?

Why do you get your hair done?

Why do you go shopping?

Why do you get a pedicure or manicure?

Do you ask them for a deal?

You see where I am going with this is... Everyone's answer- oh it makes me feel good and no I pay full price. Hmmmmm there is your answer. I help people so that they can feel better with range of motion, decreasing their stress and anxiety and helping them with everyday life.

So with this being said I want to share my Christmas specials if you haven't seen them already.

Buy ten 60 minutes massages for $450.00

Buy three 60 minute massages and get one for free

Buy one 60 minute massage get one 50% off.

Holiday basket:

2 soaps and 1 candle for $10.00

Soaps- 3/$12.00

$1.00 off candles and soaps

Visit my website to purchase these great deals and visit FB to see what I will have coming up for more specials for the 12 days of Christmas.

Thanks everyone and have a safe and happy holiday.

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