So thankful

Good morning everyone.

This is the month that everyone says they are thankful for what they have. I am thankful for everyday that I have with my family, friends and my clients. I can never thank all my clients enough for their continued support in what I do. THANK YOU.

As many of you know I use essential oils during my massage and in everyday life.

I have decided along with a helper or two that I am going to extend what I use everyday to all of you.

We are now offering essential oil soaps, candles will be on the way and aromatherapy jewelry.

Our homemade soap is made with goat milk or shea butter along with the essential oil that you happen to choose.

Our homemade candles is made with natural wax along with the essential oils that we have selected for that great aromatherapy scent.

The aromatherapy jewelry is handcrafted and each piece is one of a kind. ( sorry not able to make the same one)

For the holidays we will be having basket specials so keep an eye of for that.

If you are interested please visit my website at and go to my online store.


Don't forget that if you have massages included in your massage (BCBS) that they are going to be running out soon and need to be used by the end of the year.

For those who have healthy awards or flex fit cards- check to make sure your benefit is used up- if you don't use it you lose it.


Reminder that you can still book online for your massage and I have hours everyday so take a look especially if you haven't seen me for awhile.


I will have hours available since I don't do the whole crazy shopping thing. Hours will start at 7:00 am and go on until I am done. For those who make their appointment will get a treat for booking.


they are available especially with the holidays coming around.

have a great day everyone and thanks again

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