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Hi everyone

So I have had some stuff go on in the past weeks and now its calmed down and I can breathe once again. LOL. Well maybe.

I wanted to talk about clients in general and about their regimen on their own health.

I am sure that you have come across this with just being a patient at your dr's office, your chiropractor, Physical Therapy- the list goes on and on.

When one of them states well you need to come back in a few months or you need to have therapy after once or twice a week you are all gung ho about it them they become more infrequent until they stop all together because you "feel" better.

You may but then after awhile whatever ailed you starts to bother you again and you have to start the whole regimen once again and then you get upset and so forth. When in fact you should of listened to your health care provider and just continued with the necessary medical intervention.

We sometimes know what we are talking about.

So when I get the excuse oh the summer is coming- I'm going to be busy, I feel great after one two sessions, etc... I get it totally I truly do because I have been in your shoes.

The few problems with this is when you decide not to come in first its income that I am no longer receiving AND that when you decide to call you may get upset because I may not be able to get you in right away even though that shoulder is killing you and you are not sure what you did.

So my gripe this time is that keep your appointments when its not a emergency and keep up on your health regimen because when you come back in the fall we have to start all over again and it may not be a simple fix.

have a great day everyone


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