Why hello

Hi everyone.

This has been a crazy adventure- this thing called life and its been a wild one.

So I gave you little bit about me in the about me section of my website but I Figured I would give you some more of the wild side of me....

Not to wild really.

Lets see: the question I always get is why did you become a massage therapist? If you knew me from along time ago- i would of never thought of myself of being here to tell you the truth. I had originally gone to school for nursing and when my 3rd semester came around and we were doing clinical- I was like" this isn't for me- I don't want to be a pencil pusher I want to have interaction with my patients." so I did the next best thing and became a NYS Paramedic. ( i know crazy right) Anyways- I loved my job and did that for about 5 years actively. I unfortunately had to stop working because I had injured my back on a call while transporting a patient. The injury caused 3 full blown herniated discs in my lumbar reason and yes it hurt. Well no surgery for me- ( and that was after a third opinion and thank goodness I went for one)- pain killers/ muscle relaxers and PT at the time.

Well I don't like taking the pills so eventually weaned myself off of them and let my Dr. know that I did and that the PT/Chiro wasn't working so he suggested massage therapy. Well if anyone knows me I don't like people in my personal space and have always had a problem with that. Well lo and behold it helped. I was going for massage 2 times a week for 8 weeks. I continued massage, exercise and eating right after 10 years and my last check up with my neurosurgeon- no more herniations- they had healed.

So that is pretty much why I am here today sharing my skills and knowledge with my clients. I know what its like to be in pain, on medications that make you feel loopy and not being able to do everyday activities. At the time I was injured- I had my eldest daughter and she was still small so I had to take care of her while my husband worked. There was no ifs about it.

I want to be able to help people be able to live their lives to their fullest. You don't know how much you can't do when you are in pain everyday. If I can give a small portion of relief to my clients then it makes my day. If I can get them to say at the end of their session" wow I can move again" "my headaches are gone" " I slept all night". This makes it all the worthwhile to me.

Hope you enjoyed my little story and I hope that you take the time to think about how massages really work. It's not for just relaxation but its also therapeutic and it can work.

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