Nadine Fulle LMT and owner of A lil bit of....


HI everyone

I am a 2010 graduate of Trocaire College in which I received my degree in Health Science with Massage Therapy. Prior to Massage Therapy I was a NYS Paramedic for 10 years and due to a back injury had to give up my career and look at what I wanted to do for my future.

I have always enjoyed working with people and always have wanted to help those who were in pain. 

With receiving Massage while I was injured and actually finding that it worked-it dawned on me that this was my calling. How great was it to help others without the need of medications.

With this new adventure each day brings me more experiences and meeting new people. 

So here I am and I am so happy that I can bring what I have experienced to all of my clients with Swedish Massage, Medical Massage and Sports Therapy Massage. With each of these massages I have been able to also incorporate cupping, hot stones and aromatherapy oils.

I feel honored that you entrust me to help you with your journey on becoming a healthier you.

Just recently I have added A lil bit of whichhh was suppose to be just a hobby with my eldest but it actually has become more than that. Just like with massage I want to be able to help with making your day alittle bit happier.

I started with handmade soaps and have experienced with I don't know how many different bases but finally found that everyone like goat milk. So along with my handmade soaps, I also started with candles and wax melts along with the warmers. Then I added shower spritzers which are just like bath bombs, then goat milk soaks and a lot more stuff is on its way. It changes here and there so its best to come back every once in awhile and see what I have. 

Thanks for joining us in our journey.